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also dA won't let me update my journals w/o reverting them back to default journal skin b/c i don't have core so instead of updating my commission journal i'm just going to make a new one

my commissions are open and im on winter break so ill b able to get to work on them faster lol! i'll probably have like 2-3 slots open note me if you're interested and all that

rp partner list + search

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 2, 2014, 6:31 PM

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Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara CURRENT STATUS - CLOSED Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara
This is a journal that compiles all my available/non-available ocs for shipping/rp! If you'd like to rp with one of my characters, just follow the rules and complete the form below :^)4

Right Mood Icon by Gasara「 Rules 

» Fill out the form completely and with as much detail as you can!
» Be respectful! Sometimes I feel that our characters/we won't click, and will decline to rp with you. Its nothing personal!
» Platonic and romantic relations can be established with our characters. However, unless we're friends and we can work something out, our characters can't just start being a couple w/ no build up. 
» NSFW is off the table unless we're close friends/I trust you. 
» . . .

Please comment with:
Name: ( Put your username here, and if you have a Skype, your skype username )
Characters: ( Who you wanna ship w/ mine, write as JaneXDoe etc. etc. )
Personality of ur Character: ( self explanatory )
References of ur character: ( self explanatory )
Relationship Kind: ( Romantic? Platonic? )
Roleplay or Art?: ( which one most, or both! )
Ideas?: ( any specific stories, ideas, headcanons, etc! )
Method + Sample: ( just a sample of any rp you've done! optional btw i don't mind lmao. also state script or para! )

Please don't be discouraged if you're not replied to or rejected! Its nothing against you personally. 

Heart Mood Icon by GasaraLooking For 

♥ Flexible rp partners who are open to all kinds of things ( AUs, Fluff, Smut, Angst ) ! Its ok if you're not comfortable with smut. Please also contribute if we're making stories or something,, 
♥ People ok w/ me telling them headcanons or plots for different AUs all the time lMAO sorry i get excited sometimes
♥ Have average and above knowledge on grammar and spelling! The occasional typos are ok but I'm not really into the run-on sentences or incomprehensible words.
♥ Be ok with paragraph especially, though script is fine! I prefer paragraph when one on one. OK with small paras!
♥ People who respond in a timely manner! A few hours or days is fine, but don't make your lack of a reply stretch on for weeks or maybe months. If I haven't replied or am slow, please tell me!

Anger Mood Icon by GasaraNot Looking For 
✘ Super slow repliers, slow contributors, 0% effort. Leaves me hanging. However, I know that I am often guilty of this too, so if the rp is going too slowly or its dead, feel free to ask me to drop it. 
✘ Perfect characters. AKA God-modding and stuff. Flaws are great and a-ok! 
✘ Misogynistic, ignorant, or racist characters. No thank you. No overtly unhealthy relationships either. 
✘ Shotas. Sorry but I doubt any my characters would be into thAT LMAO

Music Mood Icon by Gasara「 Available Characters 
. . .

Sleep Mood Icon by Gasara「 Unavailable Characters 
. . .

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara「 Ask About 
. . .

キャ━━━━━━ヾ( ∀`)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!

about me

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2014, 11:38 AM

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Sleep Mood Icon by Gasara「 Basics
» Name - Khanh 
» Nickname - Leeke/Liki
» Age - 15
» Height - 5'2"
» Race - Vietnamese
» Gender Identity - Cis/Fem 

Crown Mood Icon by Gasara 「 Identity
» Zodiac sign - Gemini
» Myers/Briggs type - INFP/ISFP
» Hogwarts house - Slytherin
» Alignment -  True neutral

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara Likes / Dislikes 
+ eggs
+ drawing
+ anime tiddies
+ htgawm
+ . . .
- ass kissers
- socializing
- mras/anti-fems
- racists
- . . .


キャ━━━━━━ヾ( ∀`)ノ━━━━━━ !!!! - offline

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 8, 2013, 2:10 PM

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Sun Mood Icon by Gasara「 Click To Join! ;

Sweatdrop Mood Icon by Gasara「 Working 
» . . .
» . . .
» . . .

キャ━━━━━━ヾ( ∀`)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!

commission info - open

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 9, 2012, 6:38 PM

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hye noah fence but who wants to commission me i want those $$$ funds
Right Mood Icon by GasaraRules 
» Fill out the provided commission form completely. 
» Please inform me if you'd like me to update you on my progress.
» I will often have slots when I offer commissions. First come, first serve. 
» I prefer Paypal over points. I will specify whether or not I am accepting point commissions or not.
» Don't complain when I say I won't or cannot draw a character. I have every right to refuse a commission.
» I start working on the commission when I'm paid, I have time to dedicate myself to the commission, and when you have provided the necessary references.
» If you'd like me to refund you for any reason, ask before I start your commission. If I have already started, I will offer a partial refund based on how far I've gone. 
» If you'd like your commission to be done by a deadline, let me know. Commissions expected to be completed in under 1-2 weeks can't be done. I may charge extra for deadlines.
» After you commission me and receive the artwork, you're allowed to post it to your gallery/other sites as long as you credit me and link back to the original piece. This doesn't mean you own the rights to the image. Please do not modify my art without getting my approval first. You may not sell my artwork in anyway in any form. I reserve the right to post my art in my gallery or other art accounts websites. If you'd like me to refrain from uploading your commission, ask me beforehand. Occasionally I won't upload commissions to my public gallery but I'll send it to you in a note linked to my Please save the image asap when you receive the link as I may delete it later on. 

Sun Mood Icon by Gasara Commission Form 
» Form of Payment - ( Paypal or points? If paypal, write your email as well )
» Order - ( What are you ordering? Specify the type of art and it's price. Also include if you want shading/lineart/background )
» Character References - ( Visual references are required. The more the better! Include the name of the character(s) )
» Additional Info - ( Information about their personality, details about their outfit that could be confusing, etc. What expression do you want them to have, etc. )
» Policy - I accept your terms and rules and I verify that the commission I am purchasing is 100% voluntary.

Heart Mood Icon by Gasara Will Draw 
» Females/Males/Non-binary
» Anthro/Kemonomimi
» OCs and fanart
» . . .

Exclamation Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Ask About 
» Couples
» Softcore NSFW
» Custom designs
» . . .

Anger Mood Icon by Gasara Won't Draw 
» Gore ( Heavy )
» Mecha
» Bara
» Extreme NSFW/Fetishes ( Watersports, futa, etc. )
» . . . ask

( If your character is super detailed/has a complex design, I may charge up to $5 extra )

 Chibis - 500 :points: / $5.00 

shout out to the friends back home by peachae sweeeet! by peachae i am the stars, flaunting by peachae there are stars in your palms baby by peachae

 Headshot - 700 :points: / $7.00 

   your tears have touched my skin. by peachae love me like you say you do by peachae 

 Head To Chest - 1000 :points: / $10.00 
i'll give you one last kiss for the night by peachae

 Head To Waist - 1250 :points: / $12.50 

 Head To Hip/Thigh - 1500 :points: / $15.00 
cause that girl took my heart. by peachae  i love you so. by peachae i like the saltwater sting. by peachae violet hour. by peachae

 Fullbody - 2000 :points: / $20.00 

santa honey, there's one thing i really do need. by peachae  curl up, lean tough. by peachae when you press me to your heart by peachae oh baby i'm a fool for you by peachae this is what we do baby by peachae what a lady, what a gal by peachae

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Extras
none. commissions come w/ shading. please specify if you want cell/soft shading and if you want a background.

Thank you for your business!

キャ━━━━━━ヾ( ∀`)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2012, 8:21 PM

CSS Skin

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara What should I call you?
I go by Liki due to an old username, but if we're close/know each other irl you can call me by my real name.

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Where can I reach you other than here? 
Check my page for links to other websites I'm on!
My Skype is flavortastical. Tell me who you are otherwise I won't add you. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Why can't I note you?
I don't care anymore. Its completely fine if you want to. However, notes should only be for commissions. If you want to speak about something more personal, message me on Skype. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Why are comments hidden on your page?
To make my page look nice. If you're commenting to compliment me/happy birthday, asking a question I might not hide it. Thank yous for favorites or watches will be hidden. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara What tablet do you use?
I use a Bamboo Connect that glitches often. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara What program(s) do you use?
Easy Paint Tool Sai / Photoshop CS6. Photoshop is for transparency, gifs, effects, etc.

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Will you draw my OC? 
Only if you're a friend and I'm up to it, you're commissioning me, or we have an art trade going on. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Can I draw one of your characters?
Yes, just be respectful. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara I am having a problem with you, how do I talk to you about it?
Skype me. 

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Will you rp with me?
Depends on how well I know you. I have trouble replying in a timely manner :^(

Question Mark Mood Icon by Gasara Will you be my friend?
This is a dumb question tbh how am I supposed to respond

キャ━━━━━━ヾ( ∀`)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!